CYL4, l, R0, h0, ε, i

Creates a quarter-cylinder. Several CYL4 commands are not allowed. A combination with BLOCK and CYL2 commands is not allowed. Parameter ε adds an imperfection to the circular tube shape. Parameter i defines the mode of imperfection (i=2,3,). The imperfection is set to be maximal in the middle of the tube and to be zero at its ends, which stay perfectly circular. The imperfection ε=0.01 means 1% of the diameter in the tube’s middle. The formulae used for imperfection calculation are described in Stembera2013.

Image of quarter-cylinder block definition.
Parameter Description
l cylinder length
R0 cylinder inner radius
h0 cylinder thickness
ε imperfection
i order of imperfection (default value is 2)