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Welcome to the finite element calculation software website!


  • Large deflection fully nonlinear analysis in 3D
  • Slightly compressible hyperelastic materials
  • Isotropic / anisotropic materials
  • Large strain viscoelasticity
  • Static and implicit dynamic analysis
  • Mapped mesh generator
  • 6 types of finite elements (linear, quadratic, axisymmetric)
  • Basic contact capability
  • Fluid structure interaction modeling for tube like problems

How it works

  • Use femCalc script to specify your task!
  • View result in your browser!


  • The solver has been tested on benchmarks with analytical solutions and commercial programs.

Education & Academy

  • femCalc is built upon a consistent and rigorous theoretical foundation.
  • All algorithms are described in detail in the femCalc documentation.
  • For your detailed control over the algorithm, you can export stiffness matrix and right-hand side vector.
  • If you want to better understand numerical errors of the finite element method, you can check different element types, quadrature order, nonlinear solving methods, etc. on benchmarks with analytical solution.


  • You cannot afford expensive commercial software?
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